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My curiosity in the creative industry led me to think there must be more behind the brands we add to the environment and how to observe micro interactions between humans and brands. After attending a UX workshop it all just clicked. Already having an incline to holistic and strategic thinking, it was now time to design and create experiences and products that aligns with business objectives, goals and the human needs it wants to better and solve for.

Basically I constantly validate where the business wants to go and how humans are experiencing it, interacting with it and rating it - I take all of that and design better processes, interactions and visual interfaces. My mission is to never stop asking questions.

I have worked with a number of software building companies, digital product agencies, start-ups and small to medium businesses. My product design experience sits with in the Fin-tech, Edu-tech, entertainment and lifestyle environment.

You can have a look at what people have to say about working with me.

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You can have a look at my work on Behance or Dribble. I might be in the middle of a project as you read this and hope to share it soon ,or some things may be kept in the dark for now. The outcome of my work is not always visual, there are more abstract elements such as process mapping and designing, research and a ton of sticky notes that you will not see unless you work with me. For these things I am working on case studies.

Plus, if you want to hear my take on Product Design have a listen to one of these talks I did:

The makings of a product designer | talk hosted by zapd


becomming product designer | podcast by mastercast


Most definitely I can help you on that. I love working on product discoveries and unpacking problems within a team. Please feel free to get in-touch and we can get the conversation going.

Stepping into a product’s life cycle at any point is no problem for me. Once I have a clear understanding of the initial blockers and have connected with all the team members involved I set up an action plan to help me understand the problem and symptoms - things kick off in collaborate mode where we ideate, build, test and iterate. 

Here is a list of things I do. Product design is not always based on a visual outcome. A lot of thinking, listening, mapping, planning, process designing and collaboration takes place. My collaborations extend from business owners, product managers, marketing teams, support teams, scrum masters, dev teams, design teams and human product users. Being multi-lingual is a must.

Here’s what I do:

Product Strategy
Asking a lot of questions • Listening • Discovery + Unpacking • Pin pointing value propositions • Roadmapping • Scope + Planning

Product Design
Research • User Journey mapping • Service Mapping • Experience mapping • Solution designing • User interface / visual designing • Rapid prototyping • Testing • Iterating 

Short answer, yes and no.
Let me just breakdown the general understanding behind them.

UX Design is an umbrella term for those curious and bold enough to understand, define, ideate, design and test human behaviour in a focussed environment or community. Some key roles within this field:

UX Designer
Product Designer
Visual Designer / UI Designer
UX Researcher
UX Writer

UX design has human-centric design at its heart. Which means these designers throw themselves in a see of human behaviour to understand how they interact with systems, products and processes. Then they go a head to listen, empathise, solve and test their solution thinking with these humans. They report back and recommend and or add changes where required.

UI design focus on the interface visuals and crafting pixel perfect component that comply with accessibility and usability. 

If any of these thoughts crossed your mind - feel fee to reach out via email - hello@almaricarosini.com.

‘Help me kick start my idea’
‘We have a plan we now need to get going’
‘We need a product Designer to lead our team get back on track with our vision’
‘We need some consultation on our Product Experience Design’

Sure thing, I am always on the lookout to give back and support the product design community.
I own the fact that I don’t know everything, and that asking questions and  for help makes me better a product experience designer.

Here’s a talk or two I did over the past few years as a product designer:

The makings of a Product Designer | Talk hosted by ZAPD
Becoming Product Designer | Podcast by Mastercast

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