The concept of Flo was build around being Unapologetically woman.

Unapologetic leaves no space for pitifulness and shameful feelings. It wants you a as a woman to celebrate and embrace the natural occurrence that happens every 21-28 days. It wants you to take the cringe out of ’that time of the month’ by allowing you to give 100% all the time no matter what. No excuses. Celebrate, don’t be shy, be you and the best thing is you are kind to yourself and the environment.

Tone of Voice | Bold, Celebratory, Uncensored, Witty (in your face), ‘No excuses’ attitude

Brand Personality | Bold, uncensored, celebrating life.

Brand Positioning | Sustainable and ethical tampons with a BPA-free plastic applicator. Differentiated in the market by its unique primary packaging, an ice cream tub with 10 regular sized tampons and 5 super tampons.

Look and Feel | Being bold and unashamed was the driving force behind the graphics and typography used in designing the packaging. Bright, bold and celebratory colours was used that instantly sparks curiosity.

Team | A.peach UK
Client | S.E.T Care
Category | Packaging, Logo