The journey of discovery is perceived only for the brave at heart, and at Flight they believe bravery is in everyone and so a journey of discovery should be embraced every day. Embarking a journey without fear. The Flight Coffee brand is positioned as a premium espresso bar for those always on the go. ‘Be Brave. Discover’ is the philosophy behind the brand and is tangible throughout their business model, packaging, coffee, their shop and their outlook on design and life and how they integrate.

The packaging allows the for a tangible discovery, tearing off the sleeve and discovering the unique Ethiopian and Costa Rican blend illustrated through vibrant pattern design. The website was designed to allow for general background on the company and to encourage creatives to contact Flight with any collaborative work in mind.

Team | Hitchcock Michalski
Client | Flight Coffee
Year | 2016
Category | Branding, Packaging, Illustration & Web Design
Website |