The 20-Something Crowd Safari Guide is a unique and proudly Capetonian experience for all those visiting Daddy Long Legs Independent Art Hotel at 136 Long Street, Cape Town.

The concept for this direct mailer was built around a typical safari experience. The crowd safari will take over-night guests on a safari exploring the 20-somethings of Cape Town. The 20-somethings consists of five groups, the all so famous Posers, The Hipsters, The Free Spirits, The Conformists and the Urban Base Peeps. Each group is explained in a travel guide showing the guest how to dress, where to hangout and what music to listen to, to fit into a specific group, “coz when you visit Cape Town you want to be part of the crowd”.

Along with the guide, each guest received a goodie bag, with a go-to-guide to the 20-somethings of Cape Town, a map of Cape Town’s biggest attractions, taxi vouchers for an all night party hopping, recommended room options and binoculars to spot the 20-somethings.

Team | Personal Project
Year | 2013
Category | Direct Mailer, Illustration & Design